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February 22, 2023 4 min read

A few years ago, The question ''Can you Microwave Potato Chips? was beyond ordinary imagination. We discovered that it was possible to make potato chips
using a Microwave alone. Even today, this thought still re-sounds its mysterious form in our minds. One can never imagine having Crispy chips obtained from simple slices of potatoes without adding a
single drop of oil or fats. But, this is like magic!!

A few basic tricks that entail successful microwaved potato chips can be all you need to have this mystery
turned into a natural practical aspect. However, the things you need to know about this approach are necessary for successfully executing this recipe.

How to slice a potato for chips?


Always remember one fact for a microwave to turn a food item placed in it into a crispy nature, it should
be as thin as possible because the waves that make the food molecules unstable to a state of
Readiness quickly penetrates from one side to the other only when the item is thin. Therefore, you have to cut out small uniform slices as much as possible carefully. A size lying between 1/18 and
1/16 of an inch is good enough. The use of a Mandolin will quicken you to achieve this. Even if you
lack a mandolin, using a sharp chef’s knife on a smooth, complex table or cutter can help you get there.

In recent years, I have used this technique with food items other than potato chips, which all seem
to produce similar results. Be it root vegetables or different potato types, the results remain stunning.
Soaking root tubers in cold water and raising them after that helps remove the start that holds their molecules together in the microwave, which would have failed them to crisp faster. Therefore,
soaking in cold water in the tiny slices you have carefully cut out comes in handy to make the whole
preparation process much smoother. Here is the catch: tasty crisps can only be got
through a well-balanced seasoning. The soaking phase can be an excellent stage to achieve two things: one,
to remove the extra starch from the potatoes, and two, to help pre-season them to a tasty sensation. So
what this means is that instead of soaking the potatoes in plain cold water, soak them in simple pre-seasoned
cold water. Sprinkle salt, chili powder, and Olive oil to give it a rich flavor, and your preparation
will be a success.

Whereas this looks like something one can quickly do, embrace yourself when you want to prepare
a lot of fat-free crispy bowls for the family dinner. This method is only feasible for a small breakfast
bite. Note that microwaves are slower at bringing out crispiness in an item. A single
average potato will take between three to five batches, and each set may, on average, take six minutes. So
patience is a necessity during this preparation. So why don’t we get to how you will achieve this? First is what you need for this dish.

Ingredients Needed:

1) One or more potatoes (depending on your meal size). Replace with any other garden vegetables if you
want (it also works like magic)
2) Scrubbed clean salt (or even sea salt)
3) Seasoning
4) Olive oil (Which is optional)

Equipment Required:

1) A sizable Micro Wave (of comfortable capacity)
2) Mandolin (if absent, replace with sharp Chef knife)
3) Bowl of cold water
4) Safe Plate
5) Paper towels
6) Salad Spinner (If you have one)


a) Potato Slicing:
Make ready a bowl of cold water. With the Mandolin in place, carefully cut the potato into 2 equal parts,
followed by tiny equal slices that measure between 1/8 and 1/16 of an inch in size as you drop them in the
bowl of cold water. Do this for the second potato half as well.

b) Rinse and Soak
Have the slices rinsed in extra cold water, repeating the rinse twice or thrice more so, until the water
becomes clear? At the last rinse, leave the potato slices soaked for 4 to 5 minutes before you
can wash them out again.

c) Dry the Slices
Quickly have the clean slices dried out between two clean, soft dish clothes. In cases where you have a salad
spinner, this would work best at this moment.

d) Seasoning stage
Carefully line out the dried slices on a flat surface, ensuring that the portions are spaced out and do not
touch each other to avoid sticking together. Add the seasoning you want. Sprinkle salt and Olive oil, if you
have it, to give that rich aroma for extra taste.

e) Microwave the Slices
Microwave the slices for 3 minutes at Full power. Flip them over and microwave for another 3 minutes at
half the initial energy. Carefully sort out the cuts that have already crisped and starting to turn brown.
Please remove them and continue microwaving the rest of the slices for an extra 1 minute until they get that
golden brown color. Repeat this step until all the batches in the queue are completed.

Enjoy your meal of healthy Fat and oil-free Crispy Potato chips! Transfer all ready chips into an airtight container. Remember that Chips will stay crispy only when left in an
airtight container.

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